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Wooster Street Meats is excited to bring you our first mopeens!  After all, doesn't your stove or dishwasher deserve an upgrade just like your wardrobe?  All your friends will love these flour sack towels and want them for their homes.  Not to worry, we have enough styles and enough creative ways to fold, mix & match to keep everyone's kitchen fresh and unique. Kitchen Towels 28"x29" Flour Sack 100% Cotton.  They make great gifts and come rolled up and tied with pastry string.  Always a hit from a hostess gift to a wedding!  This towel can be folded multiple ways to create 2 different distinct looks in a blink, it's like 2 towels in 1! Feeling cheesy, flash your love of Parmigiano-Reggiano and Mozzarella.  Got a sweet tooth, put your Cannoli and Sfogliatelle on display.

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